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All You Need To Know About Topographic Maps

If are in a field where use of topographic maps are required to used in high amounts, then you must understand what are topographic maps and most importantly how to read them. Let us first look at the terminology, which defines topo maps.

Topo Maps- these maps are a detailed and three-dimensional representation of accurate and graphical representation of features as they appear on the Earth’s surface. If one has to categorize this geographical representation, then it can be done with following classification.


  1. Cultural representation on the map encompasses roads, buildings, urban development, railways, airports, name of place, and geographic features etc. It even includes administrative boundaries, state and international borders and reserves.
  2. Water bodies on the topographic maps come under Hydrography. This includes all types of lakes, rivers, streams, swamps and all coastal flats.
  3. Reliefs, mountain ranges, valleys, slopes, and other reefs are considered another essential part of the topographic maps.


Topographic maps are commonly used for recreational purposes. For instance, travelling, hiking, and orienteering. Government organizations use these maps for urban planning, mining, emergency management, and deliberating legal boundaries as well as real estate ownership as well. Garmin Topo maps are a mere two to three dimensional representation at a given time. Therefore, it is significant to consider that such maps are not a precise representation.


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Types Of GPS Accessories: Topo Maps, GPS Mapping Software, GPS Accessories Etc

Topographic Maps

Topography is closely integrated terms with geosciences and planetary science. A map represents a two-dimensional surface of any actual world location or surface object. The use of Garmin Topo Maps was instituted to indentify the third dimension. Garmin Topo Maps makes use of color lines, which are helpful in indicating elevation variation in the surface. Contour lines are intelligently placed on the map to represent lines of equal elevation (above or below) a reference datum. Topographic maps are used to create a three dimensional, geographical image of a land. This can be called a coordinate grid, which will be helpful in determining the exact positions of mapped locations.

Handheld GPS Devices

GPS devices have gained extensive popularity with growing number of people discovering places and going outdoors on adventurous pursuits. Handheld GPS devices are suitable for all kinds of recreational outdoor pursuits. These devices are used to track your physical location, follow a predetermined route. Moreover, these keep an automatic record of your route which can be reviewed at a later date. Some additional features of handheld GPS devices include camera installation and altimeters. Many online dealerships offer the best quality Garmin GPS accessories, GPS handheld devices and topo maps as well.

Topo maps offer a three dimensional view of a geographic location, however, these map isn’t always accurate because of changes in land or cultural aspects of a land. While, GPS devices aren’t three dimensional, but the accuracy is next to perfect at all times. For the best GPS accessories, search a reliable supplier in the profound online market.

Reading Garmin Topographic Maps

A topographic map is a multidimensional geographical representation of a region. The term topography means an arrangement of the natural and artificial physical elements of a geographic area. In many ways, it can be considered a detailed description or representation on a map, which contains both artificial and natural features. The simplest definition for topography means the distribution of parts or features on the surface of or within the organism or organic area.

 Mystery of topographic maps

 Similar to an other map, symbols are used on a Garmin Topographic map to indicate elevated or non-elevated regions, objects etc. All map symbols are color-coded. Symbols in green indicate vegetation, symbols in blue represent water, brown color is used for topographic symbols to represent land and for man-made features colors like black and red are used. Some common map symbols are listed below.

  1.  Contour lines are representative of elevation. Contour lines are generally in brown color show topography on the map. Some are regular thin brown lines, while others are relatively thicker. Numbers written in brown alongside contour lines indicate elevation.
  2. Forests and vegetation are represented with a clean sweep of green colored areas on the map.
  3. Streams and other water bodies are given a natural color of blue
  4. Roads and trails or other man-made features on the topographic map are shown in red or black. Roads are indicated with a double line or thick red lines. A range of codes is used to indicate road quality.
  5. Buildings are shown in black in shape of solid squares, indicating buildings are occupied by in habitants. One the other hand, a hollow square in black is usually indicative of uninhabited buildings.

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